Integrates Live Vote User Sentiment Platform

Live Vote, a user sentiment collection and analytics platform, has entered into a partnership with

Live Vote, a user sentiment collection and analytics platform, has entered into a partnership with, an on-line global recruiting service that offers an industry-leading job market technology platform. The agreement will increase user engagement and capture sentiment across all content, including video and images, via unique Live Vote events.

“Live Vote is unique in that it’s not a simple polling tool,” said Michael Woloshin, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at “It engages readers, finds out how they really feel about our content- be it interview tips, industry trends, or success stories- which we, the publisher can see in real-time. That knowledge -what our users like, love, or even hate- is extremely valuable. When you add in the ability to monetize content in new ways and collect demographic data, this partnership with Live Vote is a perfect fit.”

Eder Holguin, CEO of Live Vote, sees the partnership similarly. “Live Vote has the incredible ability to increase almost every user based metric in publishing.  Recruiter’s platform is already leader in recruiting and career services and digital content.  They have so much experience in these areas, and now with Live Vote, they can amplify their reach by bringing their content to life, engaging users, and learning about who uses and why.”

Live Vote has previously entered into a similar partnership with United Press International,  

About Live Vote

Live Vote Inc. is a sentiment platform that delivers actionable data to publishers while increasing engagement, creating a new layer of monetization.  Via overlay technology, Live Vote allows publishers to turn any piece of content, video, or image into a engaging user interaction, increasing time spent on page and social engagement.  It allows for the monetizing of content in new and unique ways, without displacing any previous revenue generating real-estate. Visit to see how it works, and Follow on Twitter @Live_Vote.

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