Partners With to Launch the First Decentralized Blockchain Global Recruitment Token and Platform

Job seekers, employers, and recruiters all over the world will be able to leverage the innovative new (HIRE) cryptocurrency token.

Online global recruitment marketplace platform announced today a partnership with, one of the most advanced cryptocurrencies for the worldwide job market. The relationship will allow job seekers, employers, and recruiters all over the world to leverage the innovative new HireMatch (HIRE) cryptocurrency token.

HireMatch is the first decentralized blockchain employee recruitment platform that eliminates the friction and costs of third-party intermediaries in the search for talent. The (HIRE) cryptocurrency will be propagated on the marketplace platform to transact splits. Employers will also be able to use the (HIRE) currency to post jobs on the marketplace platform. As a currency that adds value to multiple stages of the recruitment life cycle, the (HIRE) currency also allows job seekers to refer friends or business associates to fee-based jobs and earn a reward in return.

The technology will be tied into the ERC20 blockchain. It will also be a token standard, ensuring that wallet apps and exchanges can accept and interact with any ERC20 token easily. The token will be trading on multiple trading platforms in the coming months.

Michael Woloshin, president and CEO of, will also become an advisor and co-founder to HireMatch. “The (HIRE) token is a game changer for the recruiting industry, and it will be a big win for our recruiters, the global recruiter community, and anyone who offers a product or service centered on the job market,” Woloshin said. “The coin will allow recruiters, HR managers, and job seekers to transact placement fees in real time around the world. This creative application of cryptocurrency to the recruiting industry will help bring a new level of transparency and trust to business partners and platform providers.”

Chad Kettering, cofounder of HireMatch, said, “Partnering with, one of the most recognized names in the recruiting industry, creates some exciting synergies from day one. The new partnership provides critical access to run orders on HireMatch out of the gate. I think it’s strong from a path-to-revenue perspective and will immediately allow us to build on one of the industry-leading platforms in”

“Developers and third-party websites such as can use our API to take a percentage of the bounty reward in proportion to the number of candidates their service finds, verifies, or submits to our job listings,” explains HireMatch Chief Architect Armando Pantoja. “This partnership will benefit and HireMatch significantly and is the perfect marriage.”

As part of the partnership, will help drive exposure for HireMatch and add value to its ecosystem. With a leading recruitment industry publication and millions of followers on social media, is uniquely positioned to help drive adoption of the innovative new currency. will leverage its audience and community to introduce additional alliances to the (HIRE) token, such as applicant tracking systems and HR software partners.  

Overall, the partnership helps promote the (HIRE) currency and facilitates the market by implementing its use throughout the platform. Additional applications of the (HIRE) token inside the online platform include:

  • Recruiter-to-Recruiter “Splits” - The coins will have an escrow feature to allow for the guaranteed payment of any and all splits on the network.
  • Recruiter Direct Job Postings - Recruiters can offer the coins as incentives to drive more traffic to their job orders.
  • Job Advertising - Hiring managers and HR professionals can post jobs using the cryptocurrency.
  • Action Incentivization - Recruiters and hiring managers can be allowed to earn (HIRE) currency for submitting resumes or taking other critical actions during the recruitment life cycle. Additionally, the (HIRE) currency may be used as part of the current Recruiter Rewards program for recruiters.
  • Resume Distribution - Job seekers can purchase’s popular resume distribution service using (HIRE) as a payment method.
  • Payroll Funding - There are no currency restrictions or substantial fees to convert the (HIRE) token into local currencies.
  • Additionally, escrow services will be put into place to ensure payments are made.

About HireMatch: HireMatch has a mission to revolutionize and disrupt the recruitment industry by improving the quality of current job marketplaces, reducing costs across the board, and increasing the liquidity and availability of talent. Via our (HIRE) token, we will implement a democratization of the job market. By using and applying this platform, agents will receive rewards in the form of (HIRE) tokens, giving power back to the people and shifting it away from large corporate job boards. Our ultimate goal isn’t to compete directly with other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, but rather to provide a solution and support for the current complicated payment structures within the job board and recruitment industries. To learn more about HireMatch, visit or follow us on Twitter: @Hire_Match.

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