These Insights Will Make You Rethink How You Reach HR Pros

Come Recommended and release a new survey that finds HR professionals don't use mobile devices as much as others to find the content they want, and they like to receive e-newsletters in spite of the usual email overload.

Come Recommended, a leading content marketing and digital PR consultancy for job search and HR tech companies, and, a job market and recruiting platform that helps employers find top talent for hard to fill jobs, today announced the results of a new study that digs deep into how human resources professionals consume content related to their field.

Following a survey of 277 HR and staffing professionals, internal and external recruiters, hiring managers, and HR consultants, the study revealed key insights for companies marketing to these individuals into how this audience finds, consumes, and shares content.

How will you stand out? Quality content is your secret weapon, and knowing what they want is a big first step.

Miles Jennings, CEO

HR professionals spend a lot of time consuming content -- 33.7 percent say they spend between four and six hours every week. So, how can HR tech companies tailor their marketing efforts accordingly?

Write What They Want

So, what does good content look like for HR professionals?

  • 76.8 percent say the headline is the top influencer in their decision to read content. Write catchy headlines that result in increased traffic and add SEO value. Look for headline analyzer tools online to dictate how you structure them.
  • On-line articles and e-newsletters are the most preferred formats. With articles, you can establish credibility, and then e-newsletters are a favored follow-up to further develop your relationship with this audience.
  • Emerging trends, how-tos, and case studies are leading types of content. They want to keep their fingers on the pulse of their industry and get some expert advice.
  • While they consider benefits, compensation, and corporate/employee wellness to be the most interesting topics, the topics they find most useful are benefits, talent acquisition, and change management. Focus how-to content on the useful topics, and for the interesting topics, explore new trends or share case studies in the most popular formats, like on-line articles or video.

Consider Time and Length

Article length is important to consider. Keep content short and to-the-point -- the sweet spot is between three and five minutes of reading time:

  • 26.4 percent prefer five minutes of reading time (approximately 650 words)
  • 22.5 percent prefer three minutes to read (about 390 words)
  • 14.4 percent want a four minute read (about 520 words)

Know How They’re Reading

Despite the prevalence in mobile optimization and technology, they mostly stay off their smart-phones when consuming content:

  • 81.5 percent use their laptop or desktop to consume most of their content
  • 14.9 percent rely on their mobile device
  • Only 3.6 percent engage with content on their tablet

Reach Them At the Best Time

Timing is everything, and knowing when it’s best to reach them is crucial to expanding your reach. Give them something good to read with their morning coffee:

  • 19.9 percent say they consume the most content between 5am and 8:59am ET
  • 35.1 percent are most likely to be reading content between 9am and 11:59am ET

Get Social and Optimize

Earn higher visibility by making the most of search engine optimization efforts. Give your audience a pleasant experience on an easy-to-use site, where you establish authority with great content that is relevant, utilizes strong keywords, links to well-respected sites, and is easily found with search-friendly URLs:

  • 53.6 percent rely on a search engine to locate content daily

Expand your potential reach by using social media channels. However, when it comes to hiring professionals, not all social media sites are used equally:

  • 46.4 percent turn to LinkedIn for content on a daily basis
  • 42 percent use Facebook to find content each day
  • Only 17.4 percent use Twitter every day to find content


“Finally, content marketers are aware of the blind spots in their strategy. HR professionals use their time wisely, and marketers need to respect that and write with an authentic interest in providing their audience with expert advice and actionable solutions. When you treat leads like customers, they will respect you as a credible source of knowledge. Publish optimized content in the morning, between 5:00 am and noon, and share it on LinkedIn and Facebook to maximize your reach and build more relationships with a wider audience.”

- Heather R. Huhman, founder and president of Come Recommended.

“You can’t use a Hail Mary strategy in reaching your audience. In the information age, where attention is pulled in a thousand different directions, it’s difficult to attract and hold people. Since HR professionals dedicate a lot of hours into their content searches but only seek out shorter pieces, the pressure is on to make an impact. They may see dozens of articles or videos in a week. How will you stand out? Quality content is your secret weapon, and knowing what they want is a big first step.”

- Miles Jennings, founder and CEO of

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